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Small Business Certification

10-week Small Business class:

Week 1: Introduction to Small Business Management
- Understanding the basics of entrepreneurship
- Exploring different types of small businesses
- Assessing personal readiness and skills for starting a business

Week 2: Developing a Business Plan
- The importance of a well-crafted business plan
- Identifying target markets and conducting market research
- Creating a mission statement and setting business goals

Week 3: Financial Management for Small Businesses
- Understanding financial statements and their importance
- Budgeting and cash flow management
- Funding options for small businesses

Week 4: Marketing and Sales Strategies
- Building a strong brand and unique value proposition
- Developing marketing and advertising strategies
- Sales techniques and customer relationship management

Week 5: Operations and Logistics
- Setting up effective operational processes
- Managing inventory and supply chain
- Quality control and efficient production methods

Week 6: Human Resources and Team Management
- Hiring and recruiting employees
- Employee training and development
- Creating a positive work culture and fostering teamwork

Week 7: Legal and Regulatory Considerations
- Business registration and licenses
- Understanding contracts and legal obligations
- Intellectual property protection and risk management

Week 8: Technology and Digital Tools for Small Businesses
- Utilizing technology for productivity and efficiency
- Website development and online presence
- E-commerce and digital marketing strategies

Week 9: Growth Strategies and Expansion
- Scaling up the business and managing growth
- Identifying new market opportunities
- Strategic partnerships and collaborations

Week 10: Small Business Sustainability and Future Outlook
- Assessing business performance and making improvements
- Long-term planning and adapting to market changes
- Celebrating achievements and future goals

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